Discount Motorcycle Insurance

Published FEBRUARY 22, 2015

New agencies across the U.S. that are now quoting discount motorcycle insurance are now showcased in the Quotes Pros company database on the web. These new providers include state level agencies that offer basic or advanced coverage for bike owners now searchable from

The upgrade to the listing of companies that specialize in the motorcycle industry is expected to improve the non-vehicle options for consumers using the portal. Because additional rider coverage is one concern for owners of bikes, this type of add-on coverage is also offered to explore through the new agencies.

“The motorcycle coverage plans that are supplied nationally from known agents inside of our database are fully customizable during the quotation process,” said one company rep.

The emergence of new manufacturers in the bike industry has created more competition for some insurance agencies to supply coverage. Because there are now more foreign bikes being built in the U.S., finding an agent able to underwrite coverage for a foreign manufactured motorcycle will now be simpler when the Quotes Pros database is accessed online.

“One instant advantage that users of our insurance quotation system will find is the option to research agencies quoting coverage for U.S. or foreign bikes for 2015,” said the rep.

The Quotes Pros company is now promoting various plans through national agencies that offer full life protection. Consumers who are interested in quoting plans that will be used for disaster prevention can now secure a life insurance quote for term or universal coverage at

The company created its open portal for insurance search in the year 2013. Consumers across the U.S. gain entry to this web database to find insurers quoting coverage policies daily. The company has revised its research system to produce life, bike, business and business insurance quotations for adults this year.