Homeowner’s insurance rates going down for some Jacksonville residents

Published FEBRUARY 5, 2015

With so much talk of homeowner insurance rates going up, having them actually come down is welcome news. That’s exactly what’s happening for some people, thanks to their local fire department.

The Haws Run Volunteer Fire Department has been working to improve their responsiveness, training and overall operation.

“Recently we had someone’s gas line break and it smelled like gas through here,” says resident Melinda Hodges. “The fire department was here within seconds.”

Recently the state Fire Marshal’s office gave a new Insurance Services Office, or ISO rating, of 5 to the Haws Run department.
The scale ranks from 1 to 10, with 1 being the best, but residential areas aim for a 5 to 6. It’s a significant upgrade from their previous score.

“From their training, to their response, to going in and looking at the commercial building, to fire hydrants.

It’s all evaluated,” says Onslow County Fire Marshal Brian Kelly.

“Then once all of that is done, it’s compiled into a report and sent to the department with a grade. That grade is in turn sent to insurance companies and your insurance premium is based off of that.”

Records show that a better score from the state Fire Marshal’s office translates into a decrease in homeowner’s insurance of 30 to 40% percent if you live within five road miles of the station. Click the related link to see if you qualify.