When NOT to Buy Cheap Car Insurance Online

Published FEBRUARY 27, 2015

No single solution works for everyone when it comes to auto insurance. That’s true for policies, and for methods of buying a policy. If you’re searching for cheap car insurance online, take a minute to consider the limitations. There are times when it’s just better to talk to an insurance agent rather than shop online.

You want to get a discount for bundling

You may not be able to bundle your insurance policies if you buy auto insurance online. Getting your auto coverage and your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance from the same company often leads to a discount. Online quoting is generally focused solely on selling you an auto policy. You’re better off talking with an independent agent to compare quotes from multiple companies for bundling your policies.

You’re insuring a classic car

Classic cars often require specialized insurance to make sure they’re properly covered. Also, many classic cars sit in a garage most of the year, which means you should be able to save some money. Talk to a company that specializes in insurance for classic cars.

You’re not comfortable online

To get a good deal online, you’ll need to spend time searching, comparing quotes, filling out forms and click, click, clicking. If the online search process sounds like a frustrating nightmare, then put down the mouse and walk away. A local independent agent can provide face-to-face help.

You’re unsure how much coverage you need

Online car insurance quoting is great for drivers who know exactly what they want or who are comfortable doing their own research. If you need personalized help, you’re better off with an agent.

You want to know more about discounts

Agents can help you pinpoint the car insurance discounts you’re eligible for now, as well as those you might be able to get in the future — for example, a discount for taking a defensive driving class, or lower rates if your commute gets shorter.

If you do have to file an insurance claim, having an agent you already know can make the process smoother and less stressful. An agent can explain the claims process to you and tell you whether your claim will lead to a rate increase.